Who do you go to first?

You’ll soon realize that most of my blog posts are inspired by bible verses or songs. This one was inspired by Lauren Daigel..I’ve got her latest album, How Can It Be, on repeat. Her song First, really had me thinking, who is the first person, I go to before making my decisions? Is it God, my parents or if I was married would it be my husband?

But I really think we need to recognize how significant God is, and go to him with everything and he should be the first. It’s crazy how many decisions I’ve made, only to have them fail or go completely wrong. If only I went to God first, I could have saved myself so many heartbreaks.

Dad, today we come to you and we want to thank you for this day. We want to give you all our praises and honour. We love you so much and we just want to say thank you. We also bring all our desires, before we even start thinking about the advantages and disadvantages. We ask that you close the doors if you don’t want us to purse these desires or plans. We say thank you, because we know you are gonna lead us to the perfect decision.



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