Waiting on God

I am having one of those sleepless nights. So I thought it would be perfect to try and make use of my night, instead of tossing and turning in my bed.

I am currently waiting on God for a few things, and let’s just say that the wait is making me anxious, which is why I can’t sleep. It’s not easy to wait. It makes us so weary and anxious. One of the hardest things we’ll ever have to do is wait on God, because you can’t give him a time frame, you can’t tell him to hurry up, you can’t force him to  deliver. You just have to wait patiently on him.

But don’t  you find it funny, that when you’re sitting patiently waiting, that’s when other people’s lives seem to be moving so smoothly. Thanks to social media, you can’t even run away from people’s lives, unless you decide to deactivate all you social media accounts. Even then, sometimes this doesn’t work. Even if you lock yourself in your room, somehow your mom will probably end bumping into one of your friends mom and she will come back home with an update for you.

“Mercy your friend Sarah recently got engaged and she will soon be walking down the isle.” Or maybe “Faith recently got married and she’s planning to buy a house.” Or maybe “Anne recently got a job and she’s moving into her beautiful condo downtown.”

The worst part is that you have to sit there and take the news and try to pretend that you are super happy for your friend. Can you really help, but ask God, when are my blessings going to arrive? And how come everyone seems to be recently getting their prayers answered? God did you forget about that prayer that I spoke to you about six months ago, the one that I have been repeating like every other day.

Like I am praying, trying to fast (which maybe or may not be going on well), reading my bible, spending time with you, going to church, choir and bible study and still you’ve got nothing for me. God, have you forgotten about me? Have you forgotten about the prayer for my brother to get a job? Or that healing that I am praying for my best friend to receive. Or that husband that I have been patiently waiting for, for the past 25 years (okay maybe not that long..but still); or for my little brother to finally get an answer for you to lead him to his purpose. And the list goes on and on.. Maybe God, I just want something exciting and major to happen, where I can feel like you are answering my prayers. Is that too much to ask for? And I get it, no one is perfect and yes someone is probably praying for some things that I have. But God, how long will you keep me in the dark for the prayers that I have prayed? You have to come through..you just have to and please God, anytime soon would be awesome!

To anyone reading this, if you feel like God has forgotten about your list of prayers, do not be discouraged. Pray this simple prayer with me:

Dear Dad, I know that I am your favourite child and because of this you are listening to my prayers. You are not delaying or ignoring me, because I know you love me just like you love your other children. Your love for me never changes, and it’s not based on my prayer or my fasting or my attendance at church or the bible study or even the choir. You love me the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are making me wait, because you are preparing the very best for me. As I wait, give me patience and also allow me to be happy  when I see or hear of the things you’re doing in other people’s lives. I know that you will not withhold good things from me and therefore I am assured that my prayers will be answered. For this I pray, in Jesus name. Amen!


3 thoughts on “Waiting on God

  1. wonderful thoughts….I think the longer you wait, the better the moment will be when prayers are answered.
    I have been waiting 20 years for some loved ones to be saved…still waiting…but as I wait, I change for the better. your time will time, and then you will rejoice, because what comes is perfect

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    1. Ya it’s hard to wait, especially for loved ones to get saved. I don’t know how you’ve done it for 20 years. It’s a very painful thing. But we must keep faith that God will answer our prayers.


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