Still my heart

Has God ever given you a vision,  and then you start wondering how everything will play out? You mind starts to race, and you start making plans, your thoughts start to run wild and you even start doubting that still voice of God.

I’m currently sitting in my room and God has given me this amazing promise. But because of my human mind, I start to wonder how everything will happen and I even go ahead and start making my own plans. But as I’m sitting down, that soft quiet voice of my dad, came and told me to be still and allow him to work. He is so amazing, because he always places a song in my heart. That’s something that I have recently discovered, that he ALWAYS sends a confirmation; and one way that he has been doing that for me is through songs, sometimes even songs that I’ve never heard before.  So I listened to the song, Here Now by Hillsong. The words are so perfect, and excatly the assurance that I needed hear. 😀😀

So today my prayer is simple, may we be able to be still and listen to the voice of the Lord. I pray that we may be able to spend quiet moments and just allow our dad to speak to us. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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