My heart has been heavy. I am praying for my loved ones to come back to Christ. I’ve been there and the place was so far from Christ, and I know if God has brought me this far, he can also do it for my loved ones. It really hurts to see loved ones getting blinded by the darkness of this world. But I know that Christ died on the cross for every single one of us; and we are fighting against dark principalities of this word, we are fighting against the evil spirits of this world that have blinded so many people. The fight is not over, and we shall keep fighting for our loved ones to come back to Christ. It’s not over and with faith we will all be saved. 

Nonetheless, I know that the fight is tougher! How do you keep praying, when nothing has changed for over twenty plus years? How do you keep pressing on God? How do you not give up when you know that we have such little time left in this world? 

I was really down. But God reminded me of this verse in the song, Even When It Hurts by Hillsong

Even when the fight seems lost..I’ll praise You. Even when it hurts like hell..I’ll praise You. Even when it makes no sense to sing louder..then I’ll sing Your praise. 

I really needed to read and hear these words again. Sometimes it really hurts and it hurts so much, but we need to keep singing praises for the most high king, because sometimes the pain in not bearable, and life sometimes even doesn’t make sense. But this is when we need to get our dancing shoes on; and sing, dance and shout praises for the our most high King Jesus. We also need to keep praying for our loved ones, God is not done yet, we must keep faith.

Today God, I pray for my loved ones. That God you will lift the blind spirits that the devil has on them, so that they may receive the salvation of Christ. May they also get to have the true knowledge of Christ. God your work is not yet done, and I am pressing on and standing firm, because I know that he who starts a good thing will finish it. God I am praying that we may be covered by the blood of Jesus as we are praying for our loved ones. May we have the covering of the Holy Spirit, in every path we walk and in everything we do. May our loved ones also receive the covering of the blood of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We pray for your angels to protect us against the evil arrows, that may be coming our way. That we may be shielded by the blood and the power of Jesus Christ. God I pray that the evil spirits may be sent back to the pit of hell where they belong. We pray that our entire household remains firm and be protected with the blood and the fire of Jesus Christ. I pray for all my friends and family in the name of the true King, Jesus Christ. 


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