Pray Pray Pray

As I was spending time with God today, he reminded me of a prayer I had made to him on the January 19, 2016. Of which he recently answered. One thing I love doing is writing my prayers down and the when God answers these prayers, I usually go back and write down how God came through for me.  

So on that day I had asked God to grant my brother a job, that will be so amazing and one where God’s glory will be seen. A job that will have people asking, how did God open that door? So today, I can faithfully say that God came through. I prayed and prayed and prayed so many times, and for sure God came through for him. I am so happy and greatful. I just want to remind everyone that God is real, and he’s always listening to our prayers. He may not answer them exactly the way we imagine, but I assure you that he will do it in a much better way. 

So today, I pray for you;  that you may continue pressing on in your prayers to God. Keep praying and God will open doors. Ask him to surprise and shock you. Ask him to make you smile with his responses. I pray for you in the name of Jesus. Amen!


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