Healing for our Bodies, Soul and Mind

I woke up this morning with a bit of anger, and a feeling of disappointment. I’ve been praying about a specific healing for my body and this morning I just felt like God wasn’t listening, even though it’s been a prayer that’s been ongoing for while now. The painful thing is that we may feel like God is letting us down, because we’ve been so faithful in our walk with him. But the thing about being a Christian is that sometimes we’re tested and no one knows how long the test will last. Nonetheless, we have assurance that it is done; Christ finished all the pain and suffering on the cross. It is done! Though we may endure troubling times, and our patience may be tested, it is done and our healing is complete.

So today, I pray that God may continue to renew our bodies, soul and mind. That we may experience healing in these areas of our lives. That whatever we have requested, Christ already dealt with it on the cross on the cross. Even though life may leave us bitter, keep praying and trust that he is listening. Further more we should rest in knowing that God will complete everything that he has already started. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!


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