Testimony Time

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” Psalm 91:11

I was on my way to catch the bus, to go back home from my lectures. Where I live the the traffic lights have this audio-tactile pedestrian detector (ATPD); which beeps when its time to cross, which is awesome because it helps pedestrians with vision, hearing and physical impairments cross the road. However, it’s easy to get distracted and go on on your phone and then just move when you hear the sound. Which is exactly what I did. So as soon as I heard the beeping sound I decided to cross the road, only to be in the middle of the road and realized, that it wasn’t time for my side to cross. But thank God that all the cars, on this multiple lane road were not speeding and that they all slowed down as soon as they saw that I was absently crossing the road.

I’m so glad that I was protected from any harm on that day; the angels of God came and guarded me, because I was almost going to loose my life.

But my testimony doesn’t stop there, that evening when I went to sleep I had a dream that a former friend of mine was trying to kill me in my dream. She had an elastic band around my neck and I was struggling to get out, and soon after I woke up from the dream. I quickly called on the name of Jesus in my heart; that day I was so tired that I could not pray or open my mouth for the name of Jesus to come out.

The next day, I had a really tough day. I was trying to figure out what was happening. It was so weird that I had a near death experience trying to cross the road, and then on the same night I had a dream that my former friend was trying to kill me. I knew that this was no coincidence. Something else that also stood out, was that in real life and in the dream I could not save myself. I was still feeling extremely drained, but decided that I would make sure to pray before gong to bed that night. This was a spiritual battle, and that this former friend was having evil feelings over our friendship, and that the devil was running wild with those feelings. Last year our friendship had come to an end, and we’re no longer friends. But I needed to break this friendship in the spiritual realm as well.

I started to pray. I was speaking out loudly and I started to cry out to God and started to cover my life, the life of my loved ones with the blood of Jesus Christ. I went to God in tears and asked him to protect me from anyone who was trying to destroy me. It was painful that they would lie and curse me. It was painful that they would want to see me hurt. But I am grateful for God and grateful that he loves me so much and that he is walking with me everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of the day. He’s with me 24/7. He is protecting me and no harm or evil from my enemies will wound me. My king see’s me, I am his faithful daughter, loved and cherished. No way will he allow, my enemies to win. God is fighting great battles for us. This is not a battle against the flesh, but against the dark principalities of the world. I pray for every single person out there that God will protect you, he will reveal to you the enemies that walk around as your friends. Go to him and don’t stop praising and worshiping him. He has already won the battle for you. King Jesus has won the battles for us.



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