Healing for our Bodies, Soul and Mind

I woke up this morning with a bit of anger, and a feeling of disappointment. I’ve been praying about a specific healing for my body and this morning I just felt like God wasn’t listening, even though it’s been a prayer that’s been ongoing for while now. The painful thing is that we may feel… Continue reading Healing for our Bodies, Soul and Mind

Still my heart

Has God ever given you a vision,  and then you start wondering how everything will play out? You mind starts to race, and you start making plans, your thoughts start to run wild and you even start doubting that still voice of God. I’m currently sitting in my room and God has given me this… Continue reading Still my heart

Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here!

It saddens me that we currently live in a world that is so full of hatered. This past week, we saw so much bloodshed in Turkey, Iraq, Somalia and Bangladesh. These are among the many terror attacks that have occurred around the world. We have also seen black innocent men loose their lives, as a… Continue reading Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here!